We are passionate about remote work and want to build community for others like us.

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Remote work?

The working life is constantly changing and thanks to great tools that enable working from anywhere, many industries are moving towards enabling it on some level.

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Remote work is gaining popularity faster than ever and there's so much we can learn from each other to build companies that enable remote and to live lives that work best for us.

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What happens now?

We are now getting started with building the community. You can join our Slack community to meet others and participate in the discussion.

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Who are we?

Portrait of Anssi


Anssi is an entrepreneur and software developer who loves to help people to find different ways to improve their work life. Anssi has experienced that making possible location independent work can be a big enabler for many good things. One being better work life.

Portrait of Juhis


Juhis is an experienced community builder and software developer who dreams about living a life where he can travel the world when he wants and stay put when he feels like that.

Portrait of Jarno


Jarno is a nerd. During his first decade as software consultant he has seen many company cultures and team dynamics. He believes strongly that the remote will be the default way to work in the future.

Portrait of Stefano


Stefano is an experienced software consultant who works remotely from home (in Finland) weekly and occasionally from his own country of origin (Italy) and believes that remote work improves life’s quality so much that it will be obvious for people to adopt and even require that from employers in the future.